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Fiery Food, Fireworks and Fundraisers!
Make plans now to join us for family fun on the eight year of this incredible event. Hot pepper eating contest, Spicy Food Cook-off, Hot food vendors, Cool craft vendors, Hot live music all day by local musicians, Fire Spinners, Grandma’s Inflatables and the HOTTEST FIREWORKS AROUND (by Hannon's with Cannons and Grandma's Fireworks)! FREE Admission! $8.00 per car parking (portion of parking goes to local charity)

Spicy Food Cook Off Entry Rules 5 p.m. til 7p.m. July 14th,2018
Anyone may enter a dish for the Spicy Food Cook-off for FREE. The proceeds will benefit Oxford’s chapter of the United Way. There will be a prize awarded to entry, judged by public as being the HOTTEST!
1.Food must be on the judging table in Pavilion prior to5:00 pm in a crockpot or warmer.
2.Do not place your name on dish, all entries will be given a number
3.At least 6 quarts should be prepared to serve approximate 2 oz. servings ( serving cups & utensils will be provided)
4.Contestant is not required to stay at judging table with dish
5.Entry can be any type of dish as long as it’s spicy!

Spicy Food Cook Off Judging Rules
Anyone may be a “Judge” as long as you are over 18 years of age & sign the waiver, provided at contest
All proceeds benefit Oxford’s chapter of The United Way
1.$5.00 per “Judge” for tasting
2.Each” judge” will be given a token to put in the voting box next to the favorite dish.
3.“Judges” will vote for the dish they like best based on the following major considerations: a) appearance- food should look appetizing b) Aroma - Food should smell good. This also indicates what is in store when you taste it. c) Taste - Taste, above all else is the most important factor with no particular ingredient being dominate. d) Heat – how hot is it??.
Disclaimer: eat at your own risk!


Chile Pepper Eating Contest 2018

Sign-up begins at 4:00 day of event - $10.00 Entry Fee - Contest will begin at 7pm
•Contestants must be at least 18 years old.
•Each contestant will receive 5 levels of peppers to consume in 2 minutes per level
•You must eat all the peppers in each level
•Contestants will be required to eat the entire pepper: flesh, seeds, and tissue.
•Should there be a tie, contestants will be given additional peppers to consume as fast as you can.
•You cannot coat the inside of your mouth with any kind of protective coating. Anyone caught doing so will be disqualified.
•Each contestant will be given (1) pint of milk to consume at any point of the contest… with one all-important forewarning: If you drink the milk you are automatically disqualified and out of the competition.
•You will be disqualified should you be unable to keep the peppers down.
•A limited number of contestants will be allowed to enter due to pepper supplies
•Types of peppers & amount in each level & Tie breaker may be changed by event coordinator upon day of event at any time, due to pepper supplies & number of contestants.


Bring lawn chairs or blankets for viewing fireworks, coolers are allowed (no glass bottles, please)
No one under 21 may rent a campsite
No private parties created on facebook for this event
Anyone without a campsite will be asked to leave after the last band leaves the stage

Tel: (513) 798-2794

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