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Star Gaze is a grassroots music and arts festival initially founded in 2013 by members of Nevele from Cincinnati, OH. The festival was built to celebrate the talents and community of southern Ohio and eastern Indiana but has since expanded to include event producers and artists from across the midwest. Star Gaze is two days and two nights of live music, visual art installations, flow performances, impactful workshops, and human togetherness, set among the backdrop of scenic Oxford, Ohio.

Since the inaugural year, Star Gaze invites attendees to embrace their own creativity and expand outside self-preposed limitations on expression; making their own contribution to the festival experience with whatever inspiration takes hold in the moment. Painters, sculptors, dancers, musicians, singers, and artists of all shades, varieties, and skill levels are welcome to share their gifts under the canopy of stars and gaze up into the grand reflection of our collective self.


Tel: (513) 798-2794

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